Teenagers still find time to devote themselves in front of the mirror even if they have a bunch on their plates (such as academics, extracurriculars, sports, socializing, homework, and more). Yet if they spend a lot of time checking their image in the mirror, you understand they place importance on their physical appearance.

Tips to Protect Your Teen’s Teeth

Your teenager will wish to know the tricks to a lifetime of healthy teeth and a glowing smile, and you can educate them by modeling good dental hygiene behaviors yourself. Help your teen keep their lovely smile with routine oral care by following these guidelines.

Reinforce Good Dental Habits

Instilling good oral health practices in your teenager is essential for their long-term dental health. Plaque accumulation on teeth is the root cause of cavities and gum disease, so practicing good oral hygiene is crucial for maintaining your teen’s teeth and gums healthily. Teach them to brush and floss at least twice and once daily, respectively.

Many young adults have teeth that are uneven or misaligned. Invisalign treatment at a reputable dental clinic like myORTHODONTIST is an outstanding option for treating misaligned teeth, mainly if you catch the problem at an early stage.

Wear a Mouthguard When Playing Sports

Shin guards, a helmet, cleats, a water bottle, and other things are essential to remember when your teenager goes to a game. A mouthguard should be a high priority on that list. It may be uncomfortable now, but it will save you and your child from a lot of oral work in the future.

Wearing mouthguards, teenagers can secure their teeth and gums from damage during sports.

Eat Less Sugar

Despite its tasty taste, sugar is an important reason for cavities and poor tooth health. Sugar breaks down into acid and deteriorates your teen’s tooth enamel, causing cavities, foul breath, pain, and perhaps unnecessary extractions, crowns, or other oral jobs.

Yet, it’s vital for parents to monitor their teenager’s oral health. It’s ideal to see an orthodontist near Surrey as soon as possible if they have complications with their teeth, such as gap problems, a bad bite, or teeth crowding.

Schedule Regular Check-Ups

Regular examinations with a Maple Ridge dentist you can trust are necessary for optimal dental health. If you want to make sure your teenager goes to the dentist, try to set a visit when it is convenient for them. This will aid in the early detection and treatment of issues, as well as instilling good behaviors.

Encourage Drinking Lots of Water

If you desire your teenager to maintain excellent oral and overall health, motivate them to drink plenty of water every day. Stronger teeth and fewer tooth cavities are the results of water fluoridation. Give your teens a water bottle to bring around with them, and set a good example by drinking from yours throughout the day to show them the importance of staying hydrated.

Teens pick up habits and attitudes by watching those around them.

The Bottom Line

Preventive care is less costly than dealing with any tooth problem, so it’s worth spending time and money to visit the dentist regularly. Additionally, you need to seek emergency dental care without delay if your teen experiences tooth loss or damage as a result of a mishap. If you need emergency oral care beyond regular office hours, don’t panic; give your dentist a call.

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